Hello there!

I am a designer, illustrator, and overall lover of all things creative from Brazil, and am currently working as a graphic designer and illustrator at Choreografx. I received a Bachelors degree in graphic design from SCAD Atlanta in 2020 but have been a freelance designer and illustrator since 2018.
In the world of design and creativity, I aspire to not only be a vital asset in helping others communicate their message, but to form connections and build experiences as I go along. My passion does not lie in design, but rather in immersing myself in the process of creation. Whether it be exploring typefaces or painting my own face, I will always strive to find new ways of storytelling. With a thorough understanding of and experience with technical design skills and a love for fine arts and exploration, I believe the opportunities are endless.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, so if you'd like to chat or are interested in working together I would love to hear from you!

Contact: iarasoaresfaria@gmail.com


Atlanta, Georgia 
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