Motion Design
Concept logo animations created for various establishments to use for promotional and/or marketing needs. Little Trouble is an Atlanta–based restaurant and bar with an incredibly unique vibe.  

Occult Creative is a remote design agency founded by AJ Riccio. It specializes in branding, illustration, and advertising. This motion design piece was created for the agency’s home webpage.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is just that, the epitome of splendid and delicious. This concept animatic was created entirely on Procreate. 

Syfy is an American cable tv channel owned by NBCUniversal. This logo animation is an experiment in rebranding the channel while still maintaining a recognizable feel for the type of content it showcases.  

The "Dressed for a Dream" livestream was produced by VICE and created in partnership with Refinery29 and Mercedes-Benz. This production used XR Technology which gave me the opportunity to animate the Mercedes-Benz logo onto a scene that combined real-and-virtual combined environments.

Vanilla Milkshake is a female-driven short film created by Latin and LGBTQ+ filmmakers telling the story of a young woman's path to self-discovery. 
Atlanta, Georgia 
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